Equipment Key Account Sales Executive
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Mã: JOB364
Khu vực: Ho Chi Minh
Nhà tuyển dụng: Annam Hospitality Equipment
Hết hạn nộp đơn: CLOSED
Liên hệ: Mr. Julien Mouraud

Report to : Sales Manager
Manager Name: Julien Mouraud
Position : BU Manager
Department : Equipment
Started Date:
Location : HCMC

1. Look after the service business of the company
2. Deal with 3 star, 4 star & 5 star hotels, Metro and catering companies.
3. Negotiate and finalize prices with clients
4. Manage sales activities, make and implement sales action plans
5. Plays a significant role in achieving business results
6. Point of contact for reports and feedbacks to Manager
7. Suggest and update any improvement plans to the Director
8. Make regular visits and analyse competitive information and prepare daily sales
9. Cooperate with the Market Planning Department in planning product advertisement
10. Analyse and report forecasts and results of Hotels and Metro
1. Receive the Purchase Order from the clients & follow up through the completion
2. Deal with normal sales from regular customers in the order of generic activities
3. Deal with complicated customers’ Purchase Order
4. Assist the team to solve any complaints from the clients with statisfied results
5. Support recruitment, organise, train, coach and motivate the sales team, providing all the
necessary objectives, plan and mean to realize the commercial targets
6. Monitor sales performance and progress through permament financial analysis of
performance compared to budget by organising weekly reporting systems of the sales
team and monthly sales team meetings in order to review progress, promotions and action
7. Develop market information and awareness process (monitor market conditions, product
development, customer needs, competitions activities) in order to support the company’s
marketing and R&D activities
8. Manage directly important accounts
9. Take action to correct any unsatisfactory conditions that may arise in the sales process in
order to ensure the highest level of customer care and customer satisfaction
10. Sustain and control the strict application of all legal, regulartory and ethical matters
related to sales, promotion and prospection
 Ensure the information of Purchase Order is proccessed accurately
 Ensure the delivery of goods is made on time with the exact ordering products
 Be responsible for sales targets to achieve profitability goals
 Acquire new customers within target market definition and manage customer relationship to
 Achieve profitability goals
 Manage sales team well to achieve high performance
 Provide appropriate sales plan for the team to receive the best sales target
The employee agrees not to disclose to any person not employed by The Company information
containing, but not limited to, for the entire period of employment and a full year after the end of
the employment contract, the following:
1. Customer lists or any information pertaining to business dealings, prospective or actual,
between Annam Fine Food and its customers.
2. Sales data
3. Customer data
4. Stock holding data
5. Staff information